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 About Our Heating & Air  Services 

Customer service is the cornerstone of the Gwinnett Heating & Air, representing the best trained service staff in the Gwinnett/ Lawrenceville area. Our objective is to provide the highest level of comfort for your home, and the most reliable service on your furnace and air conditioning system.

Extensively trained in every major brand of furnace, AC or Heat Pump manufactured, the Gwinnett Heating & air service techs can diagnose the problem quicker and more accurately than our competitors, saving time and money for our customers. We constantly refresh our skills with ongoing training programs to ensure that we know about all the latest technology.

 Maintenance - We keep it running smooth for you! Our HVAC Maintenance service includes:

Check evaporator coil                                 Lubricate fan motor                          Set manifold pressure

Monitor expansion valve                   Check start and run capacitors      Test fan limit switch

Clean evaporator drain                      Check start and run delays              Clean blower wheel

Adjust bypass dampers                      Monitor refrigerant level                  Inspect valves

Clean or replace filters                       Adjust operating pressures             Check flue

Tighten electrical connections         Measure voltage differences          Check flame baffle

Evaluate safety controls                    Measure amperage draw                 Clean combustion chamber

Measure temperature difference   Clean and adjust burners                Clean heat exchanger

Clean condenser coil                           Evaluate vent system                       Test thermocouple

Adjust thermostate calibration       Set burner adjustment                    Check combustion air

Check fan blades for tightness         Measure gas input

Heating & Air - Replacement


We are change-out specialists.

Beware of un-licensed contractors offering their services at cheap prices!

Regardless of what equipment you have, the bottom line is that your air conditioning system is only as good as the quality of the installation. There are many things to be taken into consideration - too large of a system could cost more to run and will not run enough to also remove humidity. Too small and you wind up with increased power bill costs as your system strains to maintain temperature. This could also cut the life of your system short!

Our installers will make sure that your new system operates at the maximum efficiency possible for years to come. We will explain all the ins and outs of your new HVAC equipment and installation, and make sure that you are left with no doubt in your mind about the choice you made when you chose Gwinnett Heating and Air.


Gwinnett Heating and Air HVAC Atlanta Truck
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